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Professional associations for Yoga teachers

There are many professional associations: The National Federation of Yoga teachers The National Union of Yoga teachers (UNY) National unions of Yoga teachers (SNEY)And many Yoga Federations: French Federation ...

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Training Memories

Here are some graduation theses, which you can download ...Formation 2012Mémoire de fin d'études de Annette PeddeLes āsana(s) de la première série>> Read and download in french the thesesMémoire de ...

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In what professional setting exercise a Yoga teacher activity ?

There are several legal possibilities for exercising a professional activity as Yoga Teacher Associative Liberal Becoming an independent worker As from the age of 18, a self-employed person must become affiliated to ...

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Yoga centre accounting : what’s it for ?

The general accounting of a Yoga Centre registers the value of transactions made by your yoga classes and it also identifies what the Yoga Centre owns and what it owes. The ...

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Prices of yoga teacher training – Ashtanga Yoga Institute – 2022 / 2023

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