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The sequence of rhythmic postures: the sun salutation

The Sun Salutation or Sūryanamaskāra is a dynamic sequence of postures; it is a ritual in honor of the rising sun. This prepares the postural work that gives warmth to ...

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YOGA, the origins

Yoga for body, heart and soul... When the rishi of ancient times developed yoga, the postures had a meaning and an aim apart from curing problems related to the back or ...

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3 Lire les Veda dans le Gange_Vartanasi

Religions in India

India is the crib of the four main religious traditions. Here are the results of the last census : Hindouism 82,41% Bouddhism 0,77% XXX 0,77% Sikhism 1,99%, but mostly in Penjab We ...

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Om Shanti !

The room is equipped with a ventilation system, an air purifier device that measures the air quality with UV treatment

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