Becoming a member of a recognized Federation of Yoga teachers

Fédération Carte

Fédération Carte

Becoming a member of a Federation

There are different sorts of members.

Becoming a member as a teacher requires submitting an application to the secretariat and providing a copy of the teacher certificate with a description of the experience acquired in yoga.

The Board of directors examines the demand and if it is accepted, the member pays his membership.

Practicing members apply to the secretariat and pay their membership.

Other members pay their membership to their instructor, who himself has to be a registered ABEPY member.

More details below :

  1. Effective teacher and trainer members (Belgium) :
  • Are required to provide a copy of their certificate, or to explain their experience in Yoga.
  • Have to be accepted by the board of directors.
  • Pay an annual subscription of xx,- €.
  • May participate in the general meeting and are eligible for the Board of Directors.
  • Are insured by Ethias (SMAP).
  • Can insure their students.
  • Can appear in the Federation mailing list and on their website.
  • Can have announcements (workshops, courses, conferences, trips, …related to Yoga) appear in the Echo of Yoga and on the Federation’s website under the section “Activities”.
  • Will benefit from publicity during the fairs attended by the Federation all year-round, through the secretary’s information desk. (Upon reception of the membership, and if they wish to, teacher members can appear on the lists sent to persons asking for information and on the association’s website).
  • Trainer members are teacher members who are in charge of a school training yoga teachers, which is accepted by the ABEPY. The head teacher alone pays the trainer’s membership of xx,- €.

2. Effective practicing members : 

  • Practice and study Yoga.
  • Pay an annual membership of xx,- €.
  • Can participate in the general meeting and are eligible for the Board of Directors.
  • Are insured by Ethias (SMAP) for Belgium.
  • Receive a subscription to the Echo of Yoga for Belgium.

3. Other members (students) :

  • Need to be registered through a teaching member, who will settle their annual subscription of x,- €.
  • Are insured by Ethias (SMAP).
  • Can be registered throughout the year.
  • Can actively participate to the association’s life, but do not vote during general meetings.
  • Can subscribe to the Echo of Yoga, directly or through their teacher, for xx,- € per year.

4. Honorary members :

  • Have substantially contributed to the development of yoga or have proved helpful to its cause.

5. Associations and moral persons :

  • Can join the association by paying a subscription of xx,- €, providing their activities are compatible with its purpose. They can make announcements in the Echo of Yoga or on the association’s website, but they cannot participate in the management of the association, nor insure students. They receive the Echo of Yoga.

For subscription, use only the account number: ……………………………….

Indicate your name, surname and/or communication number.




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