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Yoga teacher, Annette Pedde

I was born in Germany in 1969 and came to live in Belgium in 1997, in order to work as a conference interpreter – and to discover what was going to become my passion, yoga.

In 1999 I came across an approach called yogadance, which, in search of sensation and in an effort to find proper body alignment, links together various postures in a playful creative way in order to create a choreography.

Later I tried different kinds of yoga, and in 2011 I discovered ashtanga yoga, which I found fascinating to the point that in 2012 I decided to enrol in the yoga teacher training course given by Jean-Claude, to learn more about ashtanga on a deeper level.

I believe that ashtanga is a very good tool to know oneself and to be honest with oneself: whereas verbal language can be used to deceive (oneself), the body never lies, through blockage, pain, but also through the joy of living it expresses during yoga practice and beyond.

Email : bs366321@skynet.be