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Professional Insurance RC and Personal accidents

To teach Yoga, you will need to be insured.

The insurance covers, worldwide or in the country where you engage in the activities of a Yoga teacher and similar techniques under the auspices of a professional Federation of Yoga that is recognized for it’s members, teachers or students.

A Professional Insurance RC”(civil liability) and personal accidents

Summary of the conditions of insurance.

Contract Ethias no xxxxxx

  1. 1 Subject: activities insured

The Board of ETHIAS, trusting us to define ourselves these activities, decided to place under its aegis:

Yoga and similar activities organized by its teacher members.

Activities recommended by a teacher to his students.

Two categories of risks are covered :

  1. Civil liability (relative to a third party)
  2. Personal accidents

Guarantees civil liability.

The contract guarantees the financial consequences (including the legal costs in the event of civil action) that could be borne by the insured following damage caused to other people. This warranty is granted during the insured activities and group travel.

Are excluded from the insurance :

  • Damage to goods, movable or immovable, e.g.: glasses, clothing and personal effects shall not be reimbursed.
  • Damage caused by the use of a vehicle that legally has to be insured.
  • Covered amounts: limited to xxx euros per claim for personal injuries. 

Personal injury

The contract guarantees the insured payment of the sums provided, in case of bodily injury to themselves. This warranty is granted for accidents occurring during the insured activities and those that occur on the way to the place of meeting. Individual and group travel, even by plane, is therefore guaranteed.

“By accident” means a sudden event whose cause is foreign to the body of the victim and which produces a bodily injury. Shall be assimilated to an accident and therefore covered:

  • The consequences of physical effort, such as dislocations and muscle tears.
  • Diseases which are the direct consequence of an accident covered: insolation, accidental suffocation…

Amounts covered:

  1. Processing fee
  • Transportation, medical, pharmaceutical, prosthesis, orthopaedic and special treatment expenses, (massage, physiotherapy,),
  • Hospitalization, etc.”

Are covered for 75 weeks after the accident.

The cost of treatment is reimbursed by reference to the rates of the NIHDI (so only for treatments that are listed there and without exceeding the fixed maximum amount), for the part exceeding the mutual repayments.

– Dentures are reimbursed to maximum xxx euros per tooth and not exceeding xxx euros per victim.

  1. b) In the case of death, there is payment of a capital of xxx euros per victim.
  2. c) In the case of permanent disability, there is payment of a capital sum determined in proportion to the degree of invalidity on the basis of a capital of xxx euros for 100% disability.

Are excluded from the warranty: accidents intentionally caused or occurring under the influence of drink or drugs.

In any event, ETHIAS intervenes after reimbursement by the mutual and by any other insurance covering the same risk. No cumulating is therefore possible.

  1. Declaration :

The accident must be declared as soon as possible

  1. Of effect :

You’re covered when you pay your fee as an effective member, teacher or practitioner. Your students are covered when you have sent their names and addresses to the secretariat and that you have paid for them the contribution of associate membership.

Student insurance is personal. One cannot transfer the assurance of one student to another one, even if the first one has given up coming.

Some jurisdictions require that teachers who offer courses of yoga in their building be covered by a RC-fire insurance.

The form required for this insurance is generally provided by the administration itself; otherwise, it can be obtained for Belgium from:

EHIAS, rue des Croisiers, 24 – 4000 Liège.

Tel : 04 220 36 07 (M. Dessouroux) or 04 220 36 15 (Mme Materne)

Your membership to the association covers accidents and liability,

The cost of this coverage is generally low.   You can continue to register new students throughout the year but all entries (and insurances that are attached) expire on 31 August regardless of the date of registration.

For Belgium :


For France :

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For Greece :

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