Newsletter #4

Good evening,
Being in quarantine, Buddhism calls it a retreat. In the cave of our house, like the meditators of ancient times, we can consciously light the lamp of compassion and connectionLama Willa Miller

Om Shanti and good reading !

Yoga “way to fullness” …

Here is the story told by André Van Lysebeth, in one of his seminars in Switzerland

A lonely rider riding an Arabian thoroughbred with an immaculate white coat ventures into the desert …, after days and days, he sees in the distance another rider coming from the direction where he is going, also riding a pure-bred Arabian horse with a splendid black coat.

When they meet, they greet each other, the first says “As-salam alaykom” and the second says “Wa Alykom As-slam“.
– The first, a wealthy merchant, asks: “Who are you?
– The second responds “I am the plague” …
Where are you going ?
– To Dallas…
– How many people are you going to kill with the plague?
– 2 million…
– But that’s much too much …

And they talk like “carpet dealers” over a cup of sweet mint tea … At the end of negotiations, the merchant obtained from the Lord of the Black Death only 500,000 dead. And each one goes off in his direction …

A few years later, in the same desert on the way back, the rich merchant on his magnificent white horse meets the Lord of the Black Death, but he is accompanied by another horseman who has a haughty look.
“As-salam alaykom” “Wa Alykom As-slam”.

Theye light a fire to boil the water and make the sweet mint tea …

The Black Death, speaks up:
– Did you do good business?
– Yes, excellent, but frankly I’m not happy, you promised to kill only 500,000 people but there were more than two million deaths …, you lied to me …
– Sorry, but no I kept my promise, I only killed 500,000 people.
– But then all the others …
It’s my companion here …
– And who are you?
– I am FEAR …

Strengthen your immune system to minimize the effect of the virus on yourself.
The most effective way to strengthen your immune system is to reduce stress, which is one of the benefits of yoga. So careful to follow a healthy, gentle, non-gymnastic, daily yoga practice (even just 15 to 20 ’).

Yoga and stress reduction
Examples of stress reduction practices for different ages and conditions: Yoga-Nidra, Pranayama, meditation technique, do-in, etc.

Current research clearly demonstrates the influence of sleep on immunity and cognitive functions and reveals the importance of sleep duration, its regularity and its quality. Healthy sleep is one of the key factors of a good immune system and practicing yoga can help us sleep. If you practice in evening then your yoga must be very gentle and slow …

Have a balanced diet
In the midst of all this, do your best to maintain a healthy and varied diet.

Keep up relationships
Stay in close contact with your friends and family, even at a distance thanks to WhatsApp, Skype, Face-Time or others…


  1. Practice gentle yoga preferably in the morning. This morning practice will promote sleep and restful sleep. …
  2. Have a light dinner, necessary, at least 2 hours before bedtime. There are links between diet and sleep.
  3. Keep up relationships

Boost your immunity
and help your body, I recommend four products

Liposomal vitamin C
(helps reduce fatigue and maintain normal functioning of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise). Take 1 to 2 capsules a day in the morning.
Gemo-Vir, the great protector of the organism (Blackcurrant, Sea-buckthorn and Alder) effective in case of acute infections. Take far from meals 7 drops morning and evening, diluted in a large glass of water.
Roy-Eau Astragale, this plant has adaptogenic properties, it is traditionally known as tonic and energizing, it has antiviral potential, etc. Take a vial morning and evening diluted in a glass of water, before meals
Royal Haarlem Capsules, Haarlem oil is an exceptional product for the respiratory sphere, rich in organic sulfur that is stimulant and antiseptic. Take 1 capsule daily 15’ before a meal.

Specific Ayurvedic
remedies to strengthen the immune system
Guduchi = Tinospora cordifolia : increases the amount of active white blood cells and cleans the blood
Amla, a natural source of vitamin C. Vitamin C strengthens the connective tissue; so germs cannot enter as quickly. It strengthens our immunity by helping the white blood cells to mobilize to fight against any infection and thus increase our protection against diseases.
Chyavanprash, an amla and spice paste that increases immunity, Golden milk with turmeric, ginger, Chinese cinnamon, etc.
Neem tea, its bitter taste cleanses the liver and strengthens the immune system (which will then have less work)
Neem soap, to disinfect hands to better protect us …