Yoga Teacher Training in Brussels, unit C, 2020 February 15 & 16

Teacher : Jean-Claude
Level : advanced

Date(s) - 15/02/2020 - 16/02/2020
09:00 to 17:00

Ashtanga Yoga Institute
610, Ch. d'Alsemberg
Brussels - Belgium

Join the teacher training for Ashtanga Yoga in Brussels (Unit D over 1 year). The teaching of Sri.K.Pattabhi Jois will be transmitted to you by Jean-Claude Garnier. A journey to the inner self

One session every month, during weekends, come together to practice in a favourable atmosphere for creating long-term bonds.

If the experience of a personal practice is obviously necessary in order to come into a Yoga teacher training, it is the motivation to teach that is the most important for transmitting this art.

The training unit is intended for: 

  • Future graduates, promotion 2016
  • Persons having attended and succeeded units A, B, C,
  • Persons practicing yoga, wishing to acquire a better self-knowledge and to achieve balance between body and soul.
  • For participants of old formations
  • For all other persons, please contact us (an interview is required for admission)

In Brussels, the training is spread over a longer period, which allows you to progress according to your own rhythm. You will gain knowledge of the different practical and theoretical aspects, of Ashtanga Yoga in a more profound way. This way, you will have more time for a better learning and a deeper practice.

Timetable of the training (unit D over 1 year) :

  • Morning Practice courses from 9am-12am (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Afternoon Theory courses from 2pm-5pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Theory courses

  • Opening Chant
  • Then Time for « Questions & Answers, life experience sharing » around the practice and theory.
  • Finally come theory courses according to the units.

The training includes several subjects to study :

  • Different Yoga branches
  • Historical, religious and philosophical aspects.
  • Anatomy of the body
  • Psychology of the Soul
  • Etc.

After each session, a PDF with the content of courses is handed out as well a “Mail”, “To Read”, that you will receive before each meeting.

For more information about courses’ content and the  Ashtanga Yoga training


In order to participate in a training unit, you must provide an attendance certificate given by your actual Yoga teacher, confirming your regular participation to weekly courses for a least two years.

At the end of the unit we will deliver to you a « Participation Certificate». This certificate will allow you to get ahead to the next level.

Participation to a minimum 5 units and a writing of a thesis about an aspect of yoga are required in order to obtain a Yoga teacher Degree.

The training units are also given in India and Greece. 

Ashtanga yoga is practiced exclusively indoors.

Photos of the practice room… 


You will find on the premises all the equipment needed for your practice (mats, straps, blocks etc.). You can bring your own equipment if preferred.