Yoga Teacher Training in Brussels, unit E, 2021, June 5 & 6

Teacher : Jean-Claude
Level : advanced

Date(s) - 05/06/2021 - 06/06/2021
09:00 to 17:00

Ashtanga Yoga Institute
610, Ch. d'Alsemberg
Brussels - Belgium

Join the teacher training for Ashtanga Yoga in Brussels (Unit E over 1 year). The teaching of Sri.K.Pattabhi Jois will be transmitted to you by Jean-Claude Garnier. A journey to the inner self

One session every month, during weekends, come together to practice in a favourable atmosphere for creating long-term bonds.

If the experience of a personal practice is obviously necessary in order to come into a Yoga teacher training, it is the motivation to teach that is the most important for transmitting this art.

The training unit is intended for: 

  • Future graduates, promotion 2016
  • Persons having attended and succeeded units A, B, C, D
  • Persons practicing yoga, wishing to acquire a better self-knowledge and to achieve balance between body and soul.
  • For participants of old formations
  • For all other persons, please contact us (an interview is required for admission)

In Brussels, the training is spread over a longer period, which allows you to progress according to your own rhythm. You will gain knowledge of the different practical and theoretical aspects, of Ashtanga Yoga in a more profound way. This way, you will have more time for a better learning and a deeper practice.

Timetable of the training (unit E over 1 year) :

  • Morning Practice courses from 9am-12am (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Afternoon Theory courses from 2pm-5pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Theory courses

  • Opening Chant
  • Then Time for « Questions & Answers, life experience sharing » around the practice and theory.
  • Finally come theory courses according to the units.

The training includes several subjects to study :

  • Different Yoga branches
  • Historical, religious and philosophical aspects.
  • Anatomy of the body
  • Psychology of the Soul
  • Etc.

After each session, a PDF with the content of courses is handed out as well a “Mail”, “To Read”, that you will receive before each meeting.

For more information about courses’ content and the  Ashtanga Yoga training


In order to participate in a training unit, you must provide an attendance certificate given by your actual Yoga teacher, confirming your regular participation to weekly courses for a least two years.

At the end of the unit we will deliver to you a « Participation Certificate». This certificate will allow you to get ahead to the next level.

Participation to a minimum 5 units and a writing of a thesis about an aspect of yoga are required in order to obtain a Yoga teacher Degree.

The training units are also given in India and Greece. 

Ashtanga yoga is practiced exclusively indoors.

Photos of the practice room… 

Salle de Yoga à Bruxelles

You will find on the premises all the equipment needed for your practice (mats, straps, blocks etc.). You can bring your own equipment if preferred.