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Visit this village dedicated to Shiva. It has a wonderful market filled with fruits, vegetables and flowers. Lying at the bottom of the hill of the sacred eagles.


At the tip of this hill is the temple of Vedagireshvar builded in the 16 century.

You’ll need to climb the 571 steps barefoot to reach to top . The view of the region is breathtaking and it is a perfect spot to observe the temple and the water tank from above.

Until the death of the old Brahmane, two eagles were spotted every day eating from his hands.


The temple bellow, Bhaktavatsaleshwara, is also worth the visit. With his four Gopuram, his 2 « enceintes ». At the centre is a statue of Ganesh standing at shiva’s feet who’s represented under the form of lingam.


Located 17km from Mahabalipuram.

Bring water for the climbing of the steps.