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Yoga teacher Jan Janssen

After having completed his studies in engineering, he started intensive practice in Tibetan Buddhism under the directions of three Tibetan Buddhist masters: Lama Karta, Lama Zeupa and Lama Tashi Nyima.

Then, he undertakes 1 year of psychology at VUB, follows 3 years of Intuitive Development in Antwerp, and completes a 4-year training at The Brennan Healing Science (BHS) in New York. He teaches for two years at the BHS in Long Island and Miami. Then he becomes a teacher at BHS in Miami, Germany and Austria.

He trains in Family Constellations at the Hellingerinstituut in The Netherlands.

He followed the training in Watsu I given by Basia Szpak-Borst, a training in Wata I & Watsu II with Arjana Claudia Brunschwile;, he is still studying “Integrative Aquatic Training” with David Sawyer.

Since 1999, he has become very interested in yoga; Ashtanga Yoga and the Iyengar techniques fascinate him the most.

He gives trainings in Energy Healing, a form of holistic medicine that considers all the dimensions of the human being: the physical and psychological body, the subtle energy body, the spiritual dimensions, as well as the feelings, emotions, and thoughts.