Confirmed yoga classes, First series complete, Friday

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Teacher : Simon
Level : confirmed

Date(s) - 23/10/2015
12:30 to 14:00

Ashtanga Yoga Institute
610, Ch. d'Alsemberg
Brussels - Belgium

It usually takes several years of hard work and training to develop the flexibility and endurance that are necessary to practice this first series continuously, the aim of this series is essentially to rebalance the body so as to clean it and to protect it from disease.

The first series

Represents the basic structure of Ashtanga Yoga: we see here the 70 postures that make up the first series.

La première serie_A
See posture chart shown in the course

During the practice of Aṣṭāṅgayoga, the eyes are constantly open. The postures are always linked together by the rhythmic movements (Vinyasa).
This practice of the first series will give you more confidence in yourself and in life.

Course flow

We attach great importance to:

  • The quality of (Jalandhara & Ujjayi) the breathing and its depth
  • The muscular pelvic and abdominal control (mula bandha & uddiyana)
  • The concentration of the gaze (Dŗşţi) for each posture (asana)
  • With all this, you will have seen the three pillars that form the foundation of the practice of Ashtanga Yoga (aṣṭāṅgayoga)

Benefits of the practice of the first series

It will give you an inner strength, power and ease in muscle stretching.
When all three components are in synchronized harmony

  • Jalandhara & Ujjayi
  • Mula bandha + & uddiyana
  • Dŗşţi

The practitioner has reached the inner balance (tristana).
Finally, the practitioner (sadhaka) enters a dance, a moving meditation (dhyana).

Thus, you become a confirmed practitioner

“ The yogini fixing his visual energy between the two eyebrows,
equalizing inhalations and exhalations that run inside the nose, master of his sensitive , mental and intellectual faculties,
the wise tend to the issue, its ultimate purpose, free of desire,
fear and anger; he is freed forever. ”
Bhagavad Gita, V, 22/28