Ashtanga yoga class for beginners, (simplified) primary series, Friday

Teacher : Remy
Level : beginner

Date(s) - 04/10/2019
18:00 to 19:30

Ashtanga Yoga Institute
610, Ch. d'Alsemberg
Brussels - Belgium

In this beginner class, you’ll explore the primary series and will deeply work on the basics. The teaching focus will be on the alignment, the breathing, the conscious breathing and the movement. These three elements make up the basis of the practice of the postures (āsana) and will lead you to the heart of this path, which arises, from the presence, awareness and evolution.

The simplified primary series

It represents the basis of the Ashtanga Yoga practice: we will learn 40 postures out of the 70, which make up the primary series.

La première serie simplifiee la 1er serie simplifiée page B copy Back bending

See the postures graph (seen in class)

The postures are linked to each other by the movements of the sun salutation (Sūryanamaskāra); it is is called the Vinyasa.

The Vinyasa, which links the postures together, will produce enough heat to clean and purify the different parts of your body (physical, energetic, subtle)

The gradual approach will enable you to easily connect with the primary series and will bring you the confidence you need to address the following ones.

Depending on your practice and breathing (seen in the introductory course) we will progressively add on some rhythm. You will go faster at you own pace.

At the Ashtanga Institute in Brussels, special attention will be paid to the class rhythm. It will be adapted to the class level. The practice pace is adapted to the practice level of the participants.

This beginner’s class allows for a more sustained individual attention with clear instructions and specific adjustments proposed by your teacher.

When you drive a vehicle – a car, a motorbike or a bike – you always look at the road, in the direction you are heading to. The same applies in the practice of Aṣṭāṅgayoga : your eyes are open and look in one direction.

Practice benefits

  • Channel your energy thanks to the control of your pelvic floor and of your abdominal area (Mūla bandha)
  • Develop your concentration by fixing your eyes in a direction (drishti) while doing the postures (āsana).
  • Breathing in harmony with the movement (Ujjãyi Prāṇāyāma)
  • Increase your confidence
  • Linking the postures to each other

« Oh Yogi, never practice any āsana without vinyasa… ».
Vanama Rishi

«By integrating the functions of mind, body, and breath…a practitioner will experience the real joy of yoga practice. Vinyasa krama yoga strictly follows the most complete definition of classical yoga».
Srivatsa Ramaswami

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