Ashtanga Yoga workshop in Mahābalipuram, South India, 2024 January from 15 to 26

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Teacher : Jean-Claude
Level : all levels

Date(s) - 15/01/2024 - 26/01/2024
08:00 to 10:00

Yellow House
1/1, Anal Gandhi Street
Mahabalipuram - India

In an atmosphere, which facilitates turning towards your inner self, join us from January 15, 2024, to learn or improve your practice of Ashtanga Yoga (hyperlink) (Yoga Korunta), transmitted by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, with an option “teacher training” (+ 2 hour lesson per day).

A retreat in India, cradle of religions and philosophy with its 5000 years of history, is to come back to the origins Yoga. During the 2nd century BCE, Patanjali codified the love of wisdom (the philosophy of yoga) by writing the Yoga Sutra (Yogasutra), a sort of synthesis of the previous theories

During your retreat in India you will be able to immerse yourself in the only country where sacred is inseparable from every moment of daily life, offering a unique experience. South India, the ancestral land of the Dravidians, is the part of the Subcontinent where Hindu civilisation has its deepest roots. Daily life has kept its charm; through centuries the temples built on the rocks on the shores of Mahabalipuram have resisted the battering of the sea and time.

Harmony of the session

We will implement together to learn or deepen Yoga Mālā, the garland of postures according to the teaching of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

Recommended for people who do not have time to practice every day.

You will have more time to go deeper into your practice, which at the same time will help you develop a better listening, understanding and knowledge of yourself, and your self-integration.

In accordance with your abilities you will practice the first, second or third series.

During classes, the teacher will give you individual attention, detailed instructions and adjust you personally when necessary.

Yoga in India courses are given :

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Course practice every morning from 8 h – 10 h
  • Theoretical course afternoon from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. (except Fridays)

This retreat is open to all, beginners, intermediates, advanced and teachers. If you are a beginner, you will be initiated to the fundamentals of Ashtanga, if you are advanced, you will improve the rhythm, the Vinayasa, the Mula Bandha, Uddiyana, and Ujjavi breathing. Teachers will be able to observe how to adjust students.


devotees wearing the Kavadi – Tiruchendur

During this session we will go to Palani :

The religious festival “Thaipusam” is celebrated every year during the full moon of the Tamil month of Thai (January or February). The festival lasts 10 days, from January 19 to 28, 2024 j. Along with Thaipūsam, the festivities around Palani defy description. All Palani looks like a sea of ​​devotees, dressed in saffron or green robes, their foreheads smeared with the sacred ashes of the Vibhuti, their hands carrying the offering of the ark (Kavadi(s)) or pots of milk (Paal Kudam), some have their tongue pierced (Alagu Kuthuthal) by a Vel and the tonsured head (Mottai), the pilgrims sing the glory of Murugān, “Hara Harō Harā!” , their hearts are full of devotion turned towards Murugān, they move forward and surrender while immersing themselves in the experience at the Lotus Feet of Murugān (Murugan Padma). What is the meaning of Thaipūsamn? The word “Thaipusam” is a combination of two Tamil words, “thai“, is one of the Tamil months, and “pusam“, means nakṣatra (the name of one of the lunar houses in Indian astrology). The festival celebrates on this day, Pārvatī giving her spear (Vel) to Murugan to defeat the evil demon Śūrapadmā. This ceremony celebrates the victory of good over evil.

Palani Thai Pusam Festival Schedule :19-Jan-2024 – Friday – Kodiyetram20-Jan-2024 – Saturday – Velli Aatu Kida Vahanam21-Jan-2024 – Sunday – Velli Kamadhenu Vahanam22-Jan-2024 – Monday – Velli Kamadhenu Vahanam23-Jan-2024 – Tuesday – Velli Yanai Vahanam24-Jan-2024 – Wednesday – Thirukalyanam – Velli Ratham25-Jan-2024 – Thursday – Thaipusam – Therottam (Chariot (Ratha))26-Jan-2024 – Friday – Thanga Guthirai Vahanam (Golden Horse)27-Jan-2024 – Saturday – Periya Thanga Mayil Vahanam (Golden Peacock)28-Jan-2024 – Sunday – Theppotsavam (Floating Temple)

Our trip :Mahabalipuram, Thursday 18/01/2024, Yoga from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., breakfast and departure by taxi at 10 a.m., arrival at Kumbakonam at +/- 2 p.m. at Mantra Koodam Hotel• Friday 19/01/24 – Yoga – breakfast – visit of the Temples of Kumbakonam – night at the Mantra Koodam hotel• Saturday 20/01/24 Mantra Koodam – Yoga – breakfast then departure at 12pm for Palani, arrival around 4pm.• Sunday 21/01/24 – Yoga – breakfast – Thai Pusam Festival• Monday 22/01 – Yoga – breakfast – Thai Pusam Festival• Tuesday 23/01 – Yoga – breakfast – Thai Pusam Festival• Wednesday 24/01 – Yoga – breakfast – Thai Pusam Festival• Thursday 25/01 – Yoga – breakfast – Thai Pusam Festival• Friday 26/01- Yoga – breakfast – Thai Pusam Festival. Departure at 12 p.m. arrival around 7 p.m. at Mahabalipuram.

Murugan on his vahana, the peacock named Paravāni-Palani

Note : Plan taxi costs around €120 per person for travel, hotel costs and meals.

Photos of the Yoga room :

Asthanga yoga is only practiced indoors. Depending upon the number of people, the classes will take place either Yellow House in Anal Gandhi Street or Blue Elephant.

  • Anal Gandhi Street
  • Blue Elephant

Mats, blocs and straps will be at your disposal. Obviously you can bring your own kit, if you prefer.

The new Yoga Shala « Maha Lakshmi », in Yellow House

Yellow House terrasse

Teachers’ training option:

Classes from 13.00 to 15.00

An uncommitted training, what will it bring you? Why attend ?

This option can be followed for your personal development aiming for more self-knowledge, thus a better balance between body and soul.

This cycle is intended for :

  • Confirmed teachers who wish to deepen their knowledge of yoga (practice, theory and pedagogy)
  • People who practice Yoga regularly and who commit to follow a regular daily practice and the theory lessons, for at least all the session.

As a free listener:

Students who do not intend to sit for the exam nor write a memory summarizing his study work of Ashtanga Yoga

Qualified teachers will receive a certificate attesting they attended the training and deepened their knowledge of yoga.

For more information to prepare your travel, please consult our website :

  • Travel, flights and transfers
  • Visa
  • Accommodations, hotels
  • Indian cuisine and food
  • Clothing tips
  • Health

Payment :

  • ½ session : 260 euros (5 days)
  • Full session : 420 euros (10 days) – 2 full sessions : 800 euros (20 days)
  • Full session + Teachers’ training option : 750 euros (10 days)
  • Cancelling fee : 100 euros per person.


Bookings are closed for this event.