Ashtanga Yoga and Royal Enfield Tour, South India, August 19 to 30, 2024

Teacher : Jean-Claude
Level : all levels

Date(s) - 19/08/2024 - 30/08/2024
07:00 to 19:00

Yellow House
1/1, Anal Gandhi Street
Mahabalipuram - India

  • A unique session during which we practice Ashtanga Yoga and we do a motorcycle trip in Tamil Nadu (South India).
  • A small group
  • The experience of JC Garnier on the roads of South India will be precious to you to discover the most beautiful sites of Tamil Nadu (temples, beaches, landscapes, etc …).

A 9-day motorcycle trip for those who want it. But for those who prefer, this trip is possible by car.

He who has driven a motorcycle in India , will be able to to ride everywhere …! At the time of mass production, a ROYAL ENFIELD is a rare commodity. It is an old-fashioned motorcycle, lovingly assembled by hand, developed with mastery and designed in such a way that each model is a unique piece. They are made in the suburbs of Chennai in southern India. It’s timeless line and it’s splendid mechanics are all elements that have allowed this brand to flourish.

Travel laws in India are very simple :

• On a motorbike, we let everything that is bigger (bus, truck, car, tuk-tuks, “sacred” cows, elephants, etc.) pass by.

• We do not let anything pass that is smaller (pedestrians, bicycles, mopeds, dogs, monkeys, etc.)

Driving a Royal Enfield you will travel and take the roads of Tamil Nadu, discover richly decorated majestic temples, architectural evidence of the imprint of  Hindu religion. The Indian countryside has kept a human warmth and inner wisdom that soothes the traveler.

In an atmosphere, which facilitates turning towards your inner self, join us to learn or improve your practice of Ashtanga Yoga (Yoga Korunta), which was transmitted by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. After breakfast in a welcoming hotel, you will visit magical places full of history.

A retreat in India, cradle of religions and philosophies with its 5000 years of history, is to come back to the origins of Yoga. During the 2nd century BCE, Patanjali codified the love of wisdom (the philosophy of yoga) by writing the Yoga Sutra (Yogasutra), a sort of synthesis of the previous theories

A seminar in India means immersing yourself in one of the rare countries in the world where the sacred is inseparable from every moment of daily life, it is living a unique experience. South India, land of the Dravidians, is the part of India where Hindu civilization has its deepest roots. Daily life has retained its charm and the rock-cut temples of Mahabalipuram defy the onslaught of waves and time.


Harmony of the session

We will work together to learn or deepen Yoga Mālā, the garland of postures according to the teaching of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

Recommended for people who do not have time to practice every day.

You will have more time to go deeper into your practice, which at the same time will help you develop a better listening, understanding and knowledge of yourself, and your self-integration.

Depending on  your abilities you will practice the first, second or third series.

During classes, the teacher will give you individual attention, detailed instructions and adjust you personally when necessary.

Yoga classes for this session are given :

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

  • “Practical” class, every morning from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. or sometimes from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
  • Visits of temples, their legends, philosophical traditions linked to the great texts: Veda, Upanishad, Purāṇa, etc.
  • This seminar is accessible to everyone, whether you are a beginner, advanced or teacher. If you are a beginner you will discover the basics, if you are advanced you will delve deeper into rhythm, Vinyasa, Mūla Bandha, Uḍḍiyāna and Ujjāyī. If you are a teacher you will also observe how to help students.

Ashtanga Yoga Trip and Royal Enfield Tour, summer 2024 – 700km

Your hotel “Mantra Kodam” at Kumbakonam 

SESSION from August 19 to 30, 2024 with 9 days of travel (700 km)

During this session you will meet temples, ashrams and sacred places

  1 – Start of session
Monday 19 Mahābalipuram  Your Hotel at Mahābalipuram
  2 – Getting to grips with the motorbike
Tuesday 20 Mahābalipuram  Hotel  Mahābalipuram
 Days Travels Dates  Departure  Arrival
  3 –Departure of the journey after the Yoga class and breakfast
Wednesday 21 Mahābalipuram   Auroville / Pondicherry
4 Thursday 22 Auroville / Pondicherry  Auroville / Pondicherry
5 Friday 23  Auroville / Pondichéerry
Hôtel Lakshmi Vilas
6 Samedi 24
Chidambaram Kumbakonam,
Hôtel Mantra Koodam
7 Dimanche 25 Kumbakonam  Hôtel Mantra Koodam
8 Monday 26 Kumbakonam Swamimalai Hôtel Mantra Koodam
9 Tuesday 27
Hôtel Mantra Koodam
10 Wednesdayi 28 Kumbakonam Tiruvannamalai
11th day of the trip: The return Thursday 29 Tiruvannamalai Your Hotel in Mahābalipuram
12th day, end of session Friday 30 Mahābalipuram Hotel Mahābalipuram

Asthanga yoga is only practiced indoors. Depending on the number of people the courses take place in Mahabalipuram at the Yellow House, either in the small yoga room or the big “Maha Lakshmi”.

  • Yellow House : Anal Gandhi Street 1/1
  • Mats, blocs and straps will be at your disposal. Obviously you can bring your own kit, if you prefer.

Yoga Shala « Maha Lakshmi » in Yellow House

For more information to prepare your travel, please consult our website :

  • Travel, flights and transfers
  • Visa, bring your international motorcycle or car license, come with your motorcycle helmet
  • Accommodations, hotels
  • Indian cuisine and food
  • Clothing tips
  • Health

Price :

  • Ashtanga Yoga and Royal Enfield Tour, South India, August 19 to 30, 2024 : 550 €
  • Extra costs : car rental (if necessary) to be shared between participants, motorcycle rental approximately €25 per day, hotel rooms, meals and your personal expenses
  • Cancelling fee : 100 euros per person

Registration and additional information : Please send us an email to the Institute at :