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Teacher : Remy
Level : initiation

Date(s) - 21/10/2017 - 22/10/2017
08:00 to 20:30

Aywaille - Belgium

From 20 to 22 October 2017

Let us offer to ourselves a retreat from everyday life to improve our well-being.

Let us give ourselves a moment entirely devoted to ourselves, in order to feel in harmony with our bodies and our minds.

I invite you on the path of the quest for Yourself.

This retreat is an invitation to initiation for beginners, to the deepening for others, of classical yoga.

This weekend relaxing, possible thanks to the hospitality of one of my students, will be the opportunity to recharge yourself and rejuvenate physically and mentally. You will return from your stay imbued with a feeling of inner peace.

On the occasion of this retreat we will discover and explore different practices of Yoga (Sivananda / Hatha-Yoga, Ashtanga), different meditation methods, Yoga Nidra (yoga of “sleep awake”), yoga “for Two”.

We will allow the waves of the mind to calm down at the edge of a pond.

We will learn to master our respiratory rhythm, the key to harmony between body and mind.

We will walk in the forest to listen to nature and ourselves.

This yoga retreat will allow you to:

  • Relax in a beautiful natural setting
  • Discover yoga and / or progress in your postures practice
  • Develop and deepen your practice of meditation
  • Meet Yoga Practitioners
  • Occasion of a change in your life


  • Friday evening: welcome, contact, snack, yoga nidra (“sleep awake”)
  • Saturday:
    • 8h: yoga
    • 10:30 am: brunch
    • 12h: walking / visit / meditation / breathing / yoga nidra
    • 13h30: snack
    • 14h: rest
    • 16h: yoga
    • 8:30 pm: meal
  • Sunday:
    • 8h: yoga
    • 10:30 am: brunch
    • 12h: walking / visit / meditation / breathing / yoga nidra
    • 14h: yoga
    • 4:30 pm: snack
    • 17h30: departure


For all contact and information / registration:

Simply write to Rémy:

Or call 0475 907 927

Visit :