By ZOOM, Yoga classes, first, second or third series, Wednesday morning

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Teacher : Jean-Claude
Level : initiation

Date(s) - 10/05/2023
07:30 to 09:00

Several years of regular practice of the ‘first series’ are needed to develop the purifying heat that brings you flexibility and endurance. The essential aim is to rebalance the muscles, joints and organic structures of your body.


Discover the second series

Suryanamaskar A & B  La première serie simplifiee  La deuxième serie

It is the realization of “Nadi Sodhana” or the purification of subtle channels, i.e. the nervous system.

Composed of a group of 40 postures:
Back bending’s, offset by a group of “further “forward bending postures

This second series of postures performs a more thorough cleaning.

Addressing the third series (Sthira Bhaga)

That means Sthira Bhaga: release of inner strength, be in the Godhead, in Bliss

Suryanamaskar A & B  La première serie simplifiee  3ème serie YOGA

Only on the basis of the level of participants in the class
This easy series, accessible to regular students, defies the laws of gravity.
It increases the presence of the internal energy and brings peace, strength and inner joy.
When subtle energy flows in the body are more impaired then appears the ultimate strength of human beings, true spiritual energy nature of human.

“Where there is love, there is compassion with which intelligence goes hand in hand”
Jiddu Krishnamurti (Natures thought)

Benefits of practice

  • Address a more lively rhythm
  • Learn the advanced practice of a slightly longer inhalation
  • Refine your knowledge of tristana (Mula Bandha, uddiyana and Ujjayi)
  • Fluidize the links between the postures (vinyasya)
  • Protect your body more finely through the action of upper and lower body fascia
  • Gain a more constant attention and concentration.

Practical Info

If you come for the first time to an advanced course, it is necessary to contact us before.

” Abhyāsa Vairāgyābhyām tan-nirodhah »

“”The spirit can reach the State of yoga, through an intense practice (abhysa) and the ability to let go of taken (varagya).”
Patañjali, Yogasūtra I.12

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